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February 12, 20242 min read

Cash stuffing: Your 2024 budgeting breakthrough

Cash stuffing is making waves among budget-savvy folks. But guess what? It's not as new as those trendy TikTok videos suggest!

If you're not from the millennial or Gen Z crowd, you might know it by its traditional name, the envelope system.



So, what is cash stuffing?

Cash stuffing is simple: You take your hard-earned money, withdraw it as cash and divide it into different envelopes, each labeled for a specific spending category.

This way, you can track your spending and avoid going overboard in one area. Booster's mybudgetpal, a free budgeting tool, is a great place to start and can help you work out your spending habits and what you spend on different categories.

You can use the envelope system for all your spending: rent, groceries, bills, hobbies, fun nights out, paying off debts or even building your savings.

Cash stuffing is making waves among budget-savvy folks

But there are some issues with the traditional envelope system.

You might misplace your envelopes, and that could spell financial trouble. Plus, what if they get stolen? Insurance may not cover all your missing cash.

There are banking hassles to think about too. Banks can limit your cash withdrawals and charge fees, making it tricky to get started.

And with everything moving online, it's less convenient to use cash for paying bills or other expenses.

It also requires repetitive monthly work. Setting up even a digital system using different bank accounts or spreadsheets can be a tedious chore.

Finally, all that money sits in envelopes, not earning a return, meaning your missing out on extra income.  

Here's how you can automate cash stuffing. This is how Savvy can help you. 


Create Stacks

Think of Stacks as your digital envelopes. You can create heaps of them for various expenses – 'Rent,' 'Nights out,' 'Transport' or anything else you like.


Set up Salary split

When you set up Salary split, Savvy learns your payday and automatically allocates your money to different Stacks based on your preferences. No need to manually move funds every time you get paid.


Automatic payments

For regular bills or repeating expenses, you can set up automatic payments that come straight from your chosen Stack. Paying bills becomes a breeze once your Salary split and automatic payments are set up.


Spend from Stacks

Switch between which Stack your debit card draws from in app when you make a purchase, just like taking money from different envelopes.


Convenient spending

Your Savvy debit card is welcome everywhere Mastercard is. It’s also EFTPOS, online, Apply Pay and Google Pay ready. So, you can enjoy hassle-free spending throughout New Zealand.

Earn as you save

Every dollar in your Savvy account earns a competitive return, helping you reach your financial goals faster. 


If you think cash stuffing or the envelop system is right for you, say goodbye to the fuss and hello to a smarter, easier and more convenient way to manage your money with Savvy.

Sign up for Savvy today and start your journey to smarter finances.

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