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Unlock your financial potential

For those who want to save and spend better, Savvy's the debit card linked to an investment account and smart app.
Savvy. Your money, smarter.

What's so savvy about Savvy?

*Current return rate before tax. Booster regularly reviews and sets the return rate. You can always check back here to see what it is at any time. Some transaction fees apply, including international transaction and FX fees. Merchants may apply surcharges which Savvy aren’t involved with. Booster receives a fee for managing money in the Savvy fund – this fee is not taken from your balance but from the returns on investments in the fund and is not taken from the set return.

Get Savvy

In 2 simple steps


Download the Booster NZ App
Available on the Google Play Store and iOS App Store.


Open your Savvy account
Got your drivers licence or passport handy? Add a few more details and you're there!


Now that’s savvy

“The perfect tool for tech-savvy users”

But don’t just take our word for it. 



Manage your money, your way

Separate your savings from your cravings. Create custom stacks for your rent, holiday, that new phone and more…


Salary Split

Sort your money, before it even arrives

Automatically split your paycheque between your chosen Stacks as soon as it lands.



Boost your savings with every purchase

Round up to the nearest 50c, $1 or $5 and stash the difference. 


Help, support & serious security

Reach us in the app, on live chat, via email, by phone or check out our dedicated Help & Support page – our friendly team is ready to help.

Stay safe and in control
Savvy’s built-in account management tools and personal security safeguards protects your information and prevents unauthorised use.